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Raise the bar


Proprioception is perfect for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

The Reaction Bars have been great. We have used these mainly for upper body exercises but I have used them for lower body training as well. One movement that I really like using the bar with is a single leg RDL, this adds the difficulty of forcing the athlete to stabilize while maintaining correct positioning through his torso and lower body. We have also performed some overhead stability movements with no weight on the bar.  We will have an athlete in a kneeling position, they will then hold the bar overhead in the finish position of a push press. Next, I will have them stabilize and hold the position for a set period of time. Overall, we have thoroughly enjoyed using the bars and will definitely continue to do so. As I mentioned before, the durability is surprisingly good. I have witnessed several pieces of self-described indestructible equipment get broken over the years.

I was very happy to see the progress they made when we set up our most recent consultation. I could see right away the tremendous potential for their product to carve out a unique new space in the market and become very successful. Their latest Reaction Bar has the potential to be the beginning of the evolution process of a new lifting bar. I can see this being used as standard equipment for serious athletes and this segmentation can create the potential to reach a broader audience.

The Pfitz Reaction Bars have been a great tool to add to our athletes workouts.  We’ve incorporated them into a variety of upper and lower body training days as well as individual and team competitions. The athletes have enjoyed the variety, versatility, and the unique challenge that the bars provide.