Classic 4 Reaction Bar

The Pfitz Reaction Bar is the perfect tool for your use virtually anywhere to keep your core in sync with balance.  And, one bar is many bars!  That is because you can load varying numbers of weight balls so as to constantly change the dynamic your workout has to react to.  It is ideal for group exercise classes, home use and, very importantly, rehabilitation.  Its design with knurling makes it easy to grip and manage! Note that you can not add static weight to this bar, so if you are looking for that ability, please check out the Club 4 or Pro 4.

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Primary uses:

Rehab, elderly balance training, moderately fit, agility, group exercise, life sports and more

Our Classic 4 Reaction Bar has been designed for the users who either require or desire low impact but still high challenge. It features the dynamic of rolling stainless steel balls to force conflict and muscle confusion which aids in balance and proprioception training or rehabilitation.

The Classic is many bars in one. It is 4 feet in length and 1.5 inches in diameter with knurling for convenient and safe gripping. It is made of Black Chromate Zinc Electroplate steel for ease of care. It has the variability to add or subtract stainless steel balls to change the dynamic, all in one bar. Thus, the user has the option of a 3 lb. bar with no dynamic weight up to a fully loaded 10 lb. bar containing up to thirty stainless steel balls which weigh .24 lbs. each.


The Classic has especially high utility for the elderly. It is a proven fact that as people age, they lose agility and balance. As sense of balance erodes, the elderly are prone to falls. Falls lead to more falls. Falling is the number one thief of quality of life in elderly. The Classic is a safe and sure way to rob the thief! As you can see in the testimonials, many of our pioneer users who helped provide input through the product development phase are above seventy years of age. One person who is representative of our greatest successes just turned 92 years young!


After an accident or injury sustained from a fall or other need for rehabilitation, a soft touch but forceful method of recapturing muscle strength and balance.

Group exercise sessions:

Group sessions are fun. But they should maximize time spent. This great innovation does exactly that.

What you get:

  • Classic 4 Reaction Bar black chromate zinc electroplated completely assembled and ready to go
  • Tube capacity for a total of 30 stainless steel balls (additional balls can be purchased separately)
  • Set of 12 stainless steel balls that are each .24 pound and 1.188-inch diameter
  • Knurled bar grip surface with tooled hand marks to quickly and efficiently guide hand placement
  • Two screw in end cap ball retainers
  • Set of 24 range limiting balls to control strong dynamic motion until you are ready to increase conflicting motion

Click for the following downloads:

  • Owner’s Manual containing valuable information about your Pfitz Reaction Bar™ and exercise guides
  • Instruction Sheet explaining how to get the maximum value from your new equipment

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