Pro 7 Reaction Bar

This is a specialty bar that elevates fitness training to the very extreme levels of balance and core strength intensity.  It is the ultimate weight-lifting experience. This specialty tool is used by athletes such as the NFL Detroit Lions. This is the “not for everyone bar” and requires special care and consideration before we will even sell it to you. But if you are up to the ride of your life, and abide by our directions, you can take yourself to the top of your mountain with the Pfitz Pro 7 Reaction Bar™.  Like its Pro 4 little brother, it has a larger grip diameter, but its length adds more weight and therefore more dynamics.  NFL trainers are very excited about this bar.

Lock-Jaw Collars are not included at this price, but may be purchased on the site separately.

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Primary uses:

Extreme high intensity strength & balance training. Only the most fit and highly qualified athletes will benefit. Professional/College athletes.

For virtually everything measurable there is an envied pinnacle! The Zenith! For mountains there is Denali. For football there is the Super bowl. For Baseball there is the World Series. For College Football there is the National Championship. For our Pfitz Reaction Bars™ we are proud to present the Pro 7!
Our Pro 7 is to be used only by qualified persons and only under the closest of supervision. But properly used, it is one powerful piece of training equipment. It maximizes the combination of strength and proprioception training. Our experience has been that power lifters who can easily and routinely handle 250 lbs. with a regular barbell can barely manage the Pro 7 even with no added plate weight! The Pro 7 has been used by NFL players and their professional trainers.
The Pro 7 Reaction Bar™ is 7 feet long and 2 inches in diameter. It is constructed using Black Chromate Conversion Zinc Electroplate on 75,000 psi tubular steel bar. It has RS-12 knurling with five definitive hand marks. The bar weight itself weighs 20 lbs. and fully loaded with 30 stainless steel balls, each weighing .76 lb. and 1.732 inches in diameter, the combined weight is 45 lbs. This is the same weight as a regular Olympic bar. In fact, add a couple 45’s and that matches what usually constitutes an initial workout with a regular bar.
But this is no regular bar: the 25 lbs. of rolling kinetic energy is developed by having 30 inches of free roaming length in which to roll. Lift that, balance that! It will make the guy across the line of scrimmage on game day seem easy!
Clearly the conflicting and muscle confusion forces are at the maximum. Add to that that there is still five inches of loading sleeve length to add Olympic size plate weights up to 270 lbs. per bar, and this piece of cross-fit and agility equipment is a training monster.

What you get:

  • Pro 7 Reaction Bar (2″ diameter) black chromate zinc electroplated completely assembled and ready to go
  • Tube capacity for a total of 30 stainless steel balls (additional balls can be purchased separately)
  • Set of 12 stainless steel balls that are each .76 lbs and 1.732 inch diameter
  • Knurled bar grip surface with five tooled hand marks to quickly and efficiently guide hand placement
  • Two high-speed, dual threaded screw in end cap ball retainers
  • Set of range limiting balls to control strong dynamic motion until you are ready to increase conflicting motion

Click for the following downloads:

  • Owner’s Manual containing valuable information about your Pfitz Reaction Bar™ and exercise guides
  • Instruction Sheet explaining how to get the maximum value from your new equipment

Note: Lock-Jaw Collars are not included, but may be purchased on the site separately.