Pro 4 Reaction Bar

This is the Pfitz Club 4 Reaction Bar™ on steroids! The shaft diameter is bigger, for use with larger diameter and heavier stainless steel balls for more dynamic energy. With this bar you have the capacity to train for the most extreme sports. We know because this bar is used by NFL players and trainers. The rolling motion creates more energy and the larger diameter gripping area makes it easier for the high intensity athlete to grab.

Lock-Jaw Collars are not included at this price, but may be purchased on the site separately.

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Primary uses:

Highly conditioned to professional & Olympic conditioned. Team sports players, especially Football, basketball, soccer, downhill skiers and other high end sports training. Those looking for the optimal performance level.

Without question the Pfitz Pro 4 Reaction Bar™ is the right piece of equipment for competitive athletes and those who have that desire to push their outer edge of performance. This is the bar used by the Detroit Lions as we walked through product development. You can see from his testimonial that the bar stands up to the rigors of his NFL players.

Much more important than the fact that our bar stands up to the most rigorous endurance tests is what value the bar brings to the competitive athlete. Certainly if it works for an NFL team, it will work for all. Not everyone understands the concept of highly tuned sense of balance, but NFL and high end college teams most certainly do. A collection of a few milliseconds saved is a tackle earned. Make the play or watch the play. Same for basketball, soccer and other sports that demand an all in attitude.

The Pfitz Pro 4 Reaction Bar™ is as tough as its users. Constructed of 4 foot long high grade 2 inch diameter tubular steel which is Black Chromate Conversion Zinc. Electroplated for durability and ease of cleaning, it features RS-12 knurling with hand placement marks to speed use. It also features quick action on and off end caps so the user can adjust dynamic weight without dropping heart rate. The dynamic weight is created by adding up to 18 stainless steel balls, creating 14 pounds of rolling weight. Imagine the conflicting muscle confusion your proprioceptors must combat.

That’s not all. Plate weights can be added to drive up the degree of difficulty. All of this muscle confusion going on while lifting up to 300 lbs. is a hefty challenge.

The Pro 4 Reaction Bar™ is a serious piece of cross-fit equipment for the serious competitor.

What you get:

  • Pro 4 Reaction Bar™ (2″ diameter) black chromate zinc electroplated completely assembled and ready to go
  • Tube capacity for a total of 18 stainless steel balls (additional balls can be purchased separately)
  • Set of 6 stainless steel balls that are each .76 lbs and 1.732 inch diameter
  • Knurled bar grip surface with tooled hand marks to quickly and efficiently guide hand placement
  • Two high-speed, dual threaded screw in end cap ball retainers
  • Set of range limiting balls to control strong dynamic motion until you are ready to increase conflicting motion

Click for the following downloads:

  • Owner’s Manual containing valuable information about your Pfitz Reaction Bar™ and exercise guides
  • Instruction Sheet explaining how to get the maximum value from your new equipment

Note: Lock-Jaw Collars are not included, but may be purchased on the site separately.