Forearm Roller Reaction Bar

Use the Forearm Roller Reaction Bar to train your grip, forearm and wrist in both flexion and extension for any sport or activity. This bar allows you to train both concentrically (rolling up) and eccentrically (rolling down). It can also be used for injury recovery and the elderly.

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Primary uses:

Serious athletes who require strength and agility in forearms, especially football and basketball players, golfers, tennis players. Also rehab from sports injury or accident. Elderly flexion.

Our Forearm Roller Reaction Bar is a studio favorite among my many clients. Development advantages aside, it has spontaneously spawned friendly competition as to who can correctly perform the roller action the most times. Record so far, only 4 times! But that is just the fun factor.
Development of forearm and wrist strength is very important in sports. Football defenders use those attributes to get off of blocks. Basketball players depend on them to control the ball under pressure.
We have designed this piece of equipment to give you the maximum in flexion and extension for virtually any sport. With a 20-inch long bar which is 1.5 inches in diameter. This bar weighs 8 lbs. and contains rolling stainless steel balls totaling 2 lbs. The athlete must correctly support 10 lbs. while performing the wrist and forearm conditioning exercises. To assist in gripping, the bar has knurling. But the real degree of difficulty is added by the addition of variable plate weight.

What you get:

  • Forearm Roller Reaction Bar (1.5″ diameter) black chromate zinc electroplated high strength steel
  • Set of 10 stainless steel balls that are each .24 lbs and 1.188 inch diameter
  • Web rope for attaching plate weights
  • Knurled bar grip surface
  • Two high-speed, dual threaded screw in end cap ball retainers

Click for the following downloads:

  • Owner’s Manual containing valuable information about your Pfitz Reaction Bar™ and exercise guides
  • Instruction Sheet explaining how to get the maximum value from your new equipment