Club 4 Reaction Bar

Take the Classic 4 Pfitz Reaction Bar and add the ability to add weights! Now you have an even better weapon that can be tailored to your specific workout demand loads. That enables added intensity. The common reaction of those who have picked up this bar is, “Wow!” The difference between the Pfitz Club Bar and a routine bar bell is only felt by using the Club Bar once. It is adaptable and a challenge to all five levels of fitness. It will be your new challenge!

Note: Lock-Jaw Collars are not included at this price, but may be purchased on the site separately.

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Primary uses:

Rehab, increase fitness, moderately fit, life sports and more

The Club 4 Reaction Bar is an extremely versatile yet challenging addition to the world of cross-fit. It is characterized by its outward look of a barbell, but adds the dynamic of conflicting motion created by free flowing stainless steel balls. It is 4 feet in length and has a bar weight of 18 pounds. It has a 1.5 inch diameter grip with knurling and hand spacing slots. Additional plate weight can be added up to 270 pounds.
If you want to improve your game, this piece of equipment is able to target your weakest points and immediately turn weaknesses into strengths. But while strength training is always everyone’s top priority, this bar simultaneously targets balance. Proprioception is essential in life as well as in competition. The Club 4 Reaction Bar will be your best friend as you improve balance with strength.
Let the rolling steel balls loose and feel the side thrust. Your proprioception sensors will immediately go into conflict and make you fight for control and balance.
As a bonus, since in today’s world, time is so valuable, several of our pioneers in the product development have commented that the product saves them time! Because they can simultaneously develop strength and agility, the bar saves them valuable gym time because they can eliminate additional work stations.

What you get:

  • Club 4 Reaction Bar black chromate zinc electroplated completely assembled and ready to go
  • Tube capacity for a total of 30 stainless steel balls (additional balls can be purchased separately)
  • Set of 12 stainless steel balls that are each .24 pound and 1.188-inch diameter
  • Knurled bar grip surface with tooled hand marks to quickly and efficiently guide hand placement
  • Two screw in end cap ball retainers
  • Set of 24 range limiting balls to control strong dynamic motion until you are ready to increase conflicting motion

Click for the following downloads:

  • Owner’s Manual containing valuable information about your Pfitz Reaction Bar™ and exercise guides
  • Instruction Sheet explaining how to get the maximum value from your new equipment

Note: Lock-Jaw Collars are not included, but may be purchased on the site separately.

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