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So you’re totally out of step in dance cardio. You’re always wobbling in stilettos. You can hardly pass a field sobriety test—sober. You could blame your basic balance and coordination skills, but then you’d be overlooking the real culprit: a lack of a little-known force called proprioception. Experts call it the body’s “sixth sense,” and it’s essentially in charge of your balance, coordination, and agility—and, by extension, much of your fitness and athletic prowess.   Here’s how it works: Your tendons, muscles, and joints are covered with millions of tiny sensory receptors called proprioceptors. Their job is to detect and deal with changes in your posture or environment. – Women’s Health Magazine

That is precisely why the Pfitz Reaction Bars was designed.  It is one thing to do strength and cardio training.  It is quite an advanced idea to incorporate a training that simultaneously attacks proprioception deficiencies.

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When a runner isn’t prepared and doesn’t have a good sense of balance and proprioception, the inherent unpredictability of trails can lead to ankle strains and sprains, common injuries among off-road runners (

The Pfitz Reaction Bars help you maximize conditioning while developing your “P” word!

Cross fit

Proprioception is hugely important. The better proprioception you have, the better body awareness you have. This translates into better human movement all the way around, but even more important than that, it translates into balance and if something happens where you get knocked off balance,(like a stumble for example), you will be able to recover and not injure yourself!

Having better proprioception leads to less falls and injuries. Training the vestibular system leads to better proprioception!  (

With Pfitz Reaction Bars, you simultaneously train strength, cardio, endurance and proprioception! Here is what sets the Reaction Bars apart from anything else you use in your regimen.

  • Three Dimensional The Pfitz Reaction Bar offers you resistance in multiple, simultaneous and confusing directions!  The result is a far more rigorous “training” of the   core/balance relationship. This is where strength & balance intersect.  It is the base of athleticism!
  • Targeting A simple introductory exposure to the Pfitz Reaction Bar will categorically and instantly indicate core weaknesses which can then be remediated and/or trained with the bar. Focus can be virtually “targeted” at those core strength and neurological balance disconnects and weaknesses.
  • Variability Because you can incrementally vary the dynamic weight (rolling balls) & absolute (plate) weight of the Pfitz Reaction Bar, its dynamics efficiently and effectively address all five levels of fitness training: (a.) rehabilitation, (b.) deconditioned, (c.) moderately conditioned, (d.) highly conditioned and (e.) Olympic & professional athlete.
  • Preparation, Prevention & Rehab The Pfitz Reaction Bar addresses all five levels of fitness through targeted proprioception (a) training regimens taking athletes to their most advanced and competitive edge, (b) prevention of “individual, game and season changing outcomes” injuries (especially in female athletes’ ACL & ankles injuries) and (c) rehabilitation of injuries.


I have been using the reaction bar for more than six years. Over time, I have achieved measurable improvements in both balance and strength.

I have increased my strength on the bench press by 50 lbs. just by using the reaction bar.

The reaction bar sure makes you focus during your workout or you lose control of your lifting motion.

I love it! There is nothing else like it. I like working with new and different things. The reaction bar keeps my interest up!

The most positive intra-muscular activity I’ve ever experienced from a barbell! It engages multiple muscular systems all at once! It saves me a lot of time in the gym.

I’m always up for new challenges, but that Pro 7 is NO JOKE. It separates the men from the boys.

The Pfitz Reaction Bars have been a great tool to add to our athletes workouts.  We’ve incorporated them into a variety of upper and lower body training days as well as individual and team competitions. The athletes have enjoyed the variety, versatility, and the unique challenge that the bars provide.

I was very happy to see the progress they made when we set up our most recent consultation. I could see right away the tremendous potential for their product to carve out a unique new space in the market and become very successful. Their latest Reaction Bar has the potential to be the beginning of the evolution process of a new lifting bar. I can see this being used as standard equipment for serious athletes and this segmentation can create the potential to reach a broader audience.

I work my body because I want my body to work. The reaction bar helps with my strength and my balance. I also really enjoy stretching with it.

The reaction bar is a never ending challenge for my balance.