What’s Your Game?


Football isn’t a game of inches, it’s a game of milliseconds! And milliseconds is a game of agility, balance, and body control. The agility winners take all. That’s because the winner avoids the tackle. If you want to be the winner, you must win the game of balance. More and more sophistication is embedded in football. Pro football players are now physical freaks! What used to be pro is now college. What used to be college is now high school. Start young and never take your foot off the gas!

The Pfitz Reaction Bar series of products is the most sophisticated way in current existence to merge “proprioception” with strength training. All the actions you do require simultaneous strength and balance. That’s where simple rolling dynamic action welds core strength and your inner ear’s sensory messaging systems! In the endless concoctions of awkward imbalance situations you find yourself in during a game, the faster your body control functions sense that imbalance, the faster you can react.

A millisecond earned is a millisecond gained. Gain it, and you make a tackle.  Don’t gain it and you are running along trailing the play. Gain it, you are in charge. Concede it and he is in charge!

Earn your game!  Do it with our bars!


Now a days, it’s a game played above the rim.  If ever there was a game that utterly demands that you maintain 100% control your body at all times, it’s basketball.  Failure to do so, we’ve seen the videos.  Cut, break, blind pass…scrum under the basket.  From a point where your feet are 36 inches in the air!  All that at full speed.

If you control your balance, you control your game. Control your game and we read about you in the paper. Fail to control…we’ll never hear of you. It’s just competition.

The Reaction Bars are your reaction’s friend. Here’s how it works.


Speed, agility, balance and control. That’s soccer. What drives all that dynamic morass? Your proprioception! That’s right…your own personal P word. If you want to truly excel at soccer, excel at your personal P word! For all those body contortions, those off balance hits your body takes, maximizing your P word maximizes your game. The Pfitz Reaction Bars are stellar trainers of your P word. But there’s more: According to soccer coaches, proprioception training can be used by youth soccer coaches through college soccer coaches to reduce the incidence of ACL injuries in soccer players. There is a great deal of practical and clinical evidence to suggest that exercise programs that center around proprioception training help reduce the incidence of certain types of knee and ankle injury, and that the training can also provide for quicker return to play after injury.


Proprioception has been referred to as the sixth sense, as it will continue to function in the event the physical senses cannot function.  So you want to improve your downhill abilities and reduce the likelihood of injury, use the Pfitz Reaction Bars to improve strength, balance and the P word!  Here is some proof!  A control study of 30 skiers (Percept Mot Skills. 2004 Aug;99(1):149-54) were divided into two groups.  One group received extensive proprioception training while a second group did not.  At the end of the study, the experimental group performed significantly better on the downhill-slalom agility test.

Want to power through the powder?  Try these exercises with the Reaction Bars to improve your P word…and your skiing!

Life Sports

While there are many life sports, certainly golf and tennis lead the list. I call golf the anti-physics game because it seems to defy physics. If you want your drive to go farther, hit the ball easier! What? Performance in golf is about balance and…the P word! Without adequate proprioception in the golf swing, the body will fall victim to a sequential break down in the segments above the level of the proprioceptive (balance) breakdown. So it is that your body’s sense of balance at contact will dictate your game!

Or how about tennis? 0.55 seconds! That is how long it takes for a 100 mph serve to arrive at your racket. Average human reaction time is .22 seconds (216 milliseconds). That leaves you less than a quarter second to analyze the serve, set your body and prepare your racket’s response!  As far as the game of tennis, increasing the proprioception will improve balance, agility, and of course injury prevention.


The Reaction Bars have been great. We have used these mainly for upper body exercises but I have used them for lower body training as well. One movement that I really like using the bar with is a single leg RDL, this adds the difficulty of forcing the athlete to stabilize while maintaining correct positioning through his torso and lower body. We have also performed some overhead stability movements with no weight on the bar.  We will have an athlete in a kneeling position, they will then hold the bar overhead in the finish position of a push press. Next, I will have them stabilize and hold the position for a set period of time. Overall, we have thoroughly enjoyed using the bars and will definitely continue to do so. As I mentioned before, the durability is surprisingly good. I have witnessed several pieces of self-described indestructible equipment get broken over the years.